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Silk wedding bouquets and florals that are high quality, appear realistic, artfully curated and stunning that can be treasured for a lifetime!! Each of my creations are thoughtfully designed and created, paying attention to every special detail! My creations are even more gorgeous in person!

I am happy to create custom orders and custom wedding packages that you are dreaming of and envisioning for your wedding day or for your home or office! Simply send me a message. Let's talk today!

I find tremendous JOY in playing a huge role of such a cherished, special day for couples! I love knowing that my handmade creations will forever be in their wedding photographs & most likely, displayed in their homes afterwards.

Why Choose Silk & Faux Flowers for Your Wedding? ~
First of all, they are an investment you can customize. With real wedding flowers, you are investing a ton of money that you will lose within days, if not a day. With silk & faux flowers, they become a long lasting keepsake and you can cherish them for many, many years to come. You can display them in your home and often be reminded of your precious wedding day memories. Their beauty also turns into gorgeous home decor that is sure to get compliments for many years to come. You also don't have to wait until the day of your wedding to see your flowers! They hold up much better during your wedding and reception. They are more durable than fresh, delicate flowers. Real flowers can take a beating between constantly handing them off to your bridesmaid, hugging hundreds of guests, the heat or cold, the trip from the wedding venue to the reception and so on. Another neat thing is that you can still get flowers that may not be in season at the time. Silk flowers are a great option for those with floral and greenery allergies, as well! Destination weddings also become much more simple if that's the route you are going! Silk & Faux flowers are becoming extremely popular for weddings & they are definitely the way to go!

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