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Larkspur Botanicals is an eco-friendly floral design studio that makes eco-conscious decisions from petal to vessel. We care about how we leave our world for future generations, and our impact on the people and ecosystems that are rooted in the beauty we create to celebrate.

With limitless creativity, Larkspur Botanicals takes pride in our ability to transform table settings or event scenery according to our clients’ visions, while sourcing items that meet established standards of sustainability. The mainstream floral industry contributes to many environmental problems like pesticide pollution, dependence on plastics and excessive CO2 emissions. We at Larkspur Botanicals look to change that trend.

According to Climate Care, an organization with a focus on projects that cut carbon emissions and fund social development, the average wedding emits around 14.5 tons of CO2, which is more than the 12 tons emitted by the average person during a whole year.

Larkspur Botanicals aims to minimize these negative effects by utilizing sustainable practices. With resourcefulness and a lot of research, we have been able to develop floral design techniques that allow us to design beautiful events in an eco-conscious way.

Larkspur Botanicals sources plants and containers here in America, reducing the carbon footprint of shipping vases and plants from overseas, while supporting the domestic economy. Many flowers are grown in factory farm conditions in places like South America, where there are huge problems with labor exploitation and environmental conditions.

Another trend that has been a large part of Larkspur Botanicals’ success is our living centerpieces. One popular design is a round or square wreath-like form with moss and soil that acts as a base for living plants such as ivy, succulents or herbs with candles in the center. After the event is over, guests can take home the arrangement and either keep it on their tables or hang it on a wall or door. Depending on the plants used and the care given, these wreaths can be enjoyed for many years.

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