Pilialoha Floral Preservation

Bouquet preservation with customized design, 100% handmade with a high level of tender and care!

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Pilialoha is a local Hawaiian saying meaning “To Be in a Bond of Love’. Every floral occasion symbolizes its’ unique form of love –proposal, wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, expressing gratitude or simply spreading happiness to someone…

At Pilialoha I preserve your flowers with high level of tender and care, turning your flowers into an everlasting piece that will always remind you of your fond memories.

Each design is customized to be in tune with the style of your occasion and bouquet

100% hand-made, with each and every blossom going through a very delicate preserving and repairing process, so to bring it back to its best color and shape

Frame along with your memorabilia like an invitation card, wedding picture, veil, wedding favor or other items that mean a lot to you!

No man-made coloring or chemicals are added to the process, it is all originating from your bouquet of flowers

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It was such a delight when I first came across Pilialoha and learnt that there is a way of turning wedding bouquet into a lasting display that we can keep in our new home. Cindy who runs Pilialoha was very keen to make the piece according to what we want as she sees this is going to be something precious to us. She asked about our preference for the display, suggested options that we could consider, and helped us design it. It was about a month after our wedding when we received it and the flowers still look fresh! We just love it so much and now it is being displayed in a visible spot at our home that we can see it everyday. Thank you Cindy!

Cindy handmade this beautiful frame for us. It is the best wedding gift we've received! Not only it looks beautiful as a decor at home, it is also a memorable gift as the actual bouquet that I held at my wedding was preserved together with our wedding photo. I gave Cindy my bouquet after my wedding and she carefully preserved every petal and made this frame. Cindy was very responsive and paid great attention and patience to me. She kept me updated on the progress, and showed me the design along the way. I sent her a few wedding photos as options and we discussed and picked the one that looked the best with the flowers. When we received the final product, we were amazed and happily displayed it at home. Whenever we saw the frame, happy memories of our wedding flashed back. I am so glad to have ordered this frame. Thank you Cindy, you are so talented!

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