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As part of an industry saturated with florists, we knew we had to do more than offer brides yet another menu of cookie cutter arrangements and a few consultations if we wanted to succeed. All too often, a minimal cash deposit merely promotes a prospective bride into an order number which is revisited several weeks before the wedding date. At The Centerpiece, you are hiring floral consultants and designers, and we believe that a bride is entitled to something much more than a carefully measured business transaction. We want to give you an experience that will stretch the limits of your imagination without stretching your budget. Whether your order is as simple as a single bridal bouquet or as complex as full ceremony to cocktail to reception décor, you will enjoy the journey – and it is a journey.

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I do not even know where to start. The service I received from The Centerpiece surpassed anything I ever expected. When I think back, and realize that flowers were not on the top of my list I shake my head. The flowers they delivered and set-up changed everything. The price was VERY good, I was truly surprised by HOW MANY flowers there were. Very little filler, no blank spots... everything was full and beautiful. Two of my three bridesmaids have already booked The Centerpiece for themselves after seeing how beautiful the flowers were.

I am so grateful I went with this florist, after being a bridesmaids myself many times - I can assure every Bride out there that this really IS different. You won't end your wedding day with a vendor, you will end it with a friend... and better flowers then others do in my opinion.

A+ Customer Service. I never felt rushed... not even once. I was HEARD, and I was understood.
A+ work. The flowers were not only beautiful, there were SO MANY of them, everywhere! They also lasted for 2 weeks! My guests even cheated to "win" the centerpieces and I was being tagged in pictures for WEEKS of my beautiful centerpieces on friends and family's tables!!!
A+++ Price. For what I got, I kep asking, "Are you SURE I don't owe more?" The quote I got from them was comparable to other florists, but I ended up with so much I did not pay for. Extras... everywhere. I realize now this is pretty common from them.

Do YOURSELF a huge favor. Contact them.

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